‘Europatriarchal Knowledge’ from the ‘Sensuous Knowledge’

My current read is Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach by the renowned writer and feminist theorist, Minna Salami. In the book, particularly in the first chapter, Of Knowledge, she introduces the phrase “Europatriarchal Knowledge” as the rigid, rule-bound and robotic way that dominates how we view knowledge–“It is a hierarchy-fixated construct that was initiated […]

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Can one be feminine and feminist?

I recently read a blog post on the difference between feminism and divine femininity. The author’s opinion was that feminism is not a true representation of femininity and that it is a movement designed to steer hatred towards men. After reading that article, I got to thinking, “Can one be feminine and feminist?” The feminism […]

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The issue of colourism in Kenya

Colourism in Kenya is a widely ignored topic yet it is one of the most complex and sensitive issues that dark-skinned women have to deal with. But what is colourism? According to the Oxford dictionary, it is the prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic […]

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Feminism Is Not Un-African!

There have been numerous debates on whether feminism is part of Africa or even if it should be embraced by Africans. The argument against feminism in the African context is often rooted in saying that it is ‘un-African’, but the beauty is that feminism existed in Africa way before the term even reached our shores. […]

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Is Technology Gender Neutral?

From mobile phones to household technology to birth control pills, few of us take the time to consider whether technologies we use in our daily lives are gender neutral or if in some way they encourage gender stereotypes. We wake up every day to the sound of an alarm set on our phones, check what’s […]

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Today I woke up, looked out of the window and wondered how life would be without social media, am guessing people would know more about their surrounding, face to face communications would be more frequent. Everyone would have more knowledge about their partners. People would value the environment more. Am thinking we’d even have more […]

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