Today I woke up, looked out of the window and wondered how life would be without social media, am guessing people would know more about their surrounding, face to face communications would be more frequent. Everyone would have more knowledge about their partners. People would value the environment more. Am thinking we’d even have more trees planted. Scenery would be just perfect (sigh).

Nowadays we just care more about our gadgets more than our family/friends. No talking during dinner because apparently everyone is ‘too busy’ texting, nobody wants to know how your day was, people would rather text yet they are seated next to each other. We live like cyborgs, we are glued to our phones we don’t care what is happening around us. People call themselves best friends yet they don’t know a thing or 2 about there so called ‘bff.’

They say “Blood is thicker than Water” noooo…at this rate it should be “Technology is thicker than Blood.” Water doesn’t count cuz we don’t care about it anyway. Young people just want to post pics or snapchat themselves in fancy places eating fancy foods doing fancy stuffs and take mirror selfies holding iPhones. All to show off.

I don’t blame the celebrities/public figures for influencing us to do all that because they are used to that kind of life and its not their fault that the paparazzi are always sneaking up on them. And I am also not trying to blast the young rich kids who are genuinely used to the lavish lifestyle but am  seriously throwing major shade to the “Wannabes.”

Just because you went to Java once had a latte doesn’t mean you have to post it up for the whole world to think you’re filthy rich so what if you take a trenta vanilla bean frappuccino from starbucks!? Are you going to put it on paper!! Will it be news!? Its not bad to post once in a while to shock us but also keep in mind where you come from. It has reached a point where everyone is fighting to look cool, faking their lives behind their computers or phones. Fake it till you Make it my brother!!

Young people want to be social media celebrities, well too bad you ain’t sharing the red carpet with Jay Z, Beyonce’ Will Smith e.t.c. Why wouldn’t one want to make it real life other than just being successful on instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter where the measure of your success is by the number of your followers. Seriously though! Spending most of your precious time looking for followers while taking selfies in attractive places and getting 1000 likes DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CELEBRITY. Taking selfies is not a bad thing actually am a fanatic but we should try to be true to ourselves and the people around us. You know a picture is worth a 1000 words so why lie to us then later on witness your actual life and get to see the contradiction. That would be embarrassing!!

If there’s one thing that my momma told me when I joined highschool is to “always be contented with what you have.” We are all from different backgrounds with different upbringing but I won’t lie to you that I was thaaaaaaat contented, there were times I would see the life my friends were living and I would want it . I faked it to make it but then I came to the realization that the phrase ” Fake it till you make it” doesn’t apply to everyone. As I grew much older I saw it was useless trying to live a life that ain’t mine and wasn’t me. I saw it was easy just being the real me at least I don’t have to think of the next lie to tell.

The moral of the story is that we should not always follow everything we see on social media. If our friends take snapchats at Tribe Hotel or are having fun at Privee’ doesn’t mean you should also struggle to show off if you know you can’t afford such a lifestyle. In short ‘Be You and Be Contented.’ Trust me life is easier that way.

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