COMMUNICATION, the best policy. I guess!

Parents are to be our core role models, at least that’s what I’ve been told. At this very moment I have a lot of questions running through my mind, like how does one feel to be the black sheep of the family? how do parents feel when one of their kids is a nuisance? do they want to just let this kid be taught by the world or struggle with them no matter what? All I know is that these questions have been stuck in my head for a while and though I always i never get the answers I need, Imma keep on asking.

Sian, second born of 4 siblings and the only daughter to her mother, Olivia. You would believe they have the best of the best relationships. Well that’s not the case instead they have the worst relationship. She told me they used to argue on a daily basis, which leaves you wondering “Why, yet you’re the only girl? Don’t you need to have a strong bond with dear mummy?” “Mama dear what went wrong with this one?”

Recently they had a fight as it is, the norm, but this hit her to the core. Sian couldn’t imagine or rather fathom what her mother had told her. Olivia had mentioned to Sian during the fight that she wished she had died when she was born, afterwards, Sian replied to this comment, “I do wonder sometimes if you’re genuinely my mother.” It was an eerie and awkward mood. No one wanted to listen to each other yet no one wanted the other to speak.There was no COMMUNICATION and there’s never been!!! Later on in the day Sian turned to phone her dad, Fred. She doesn’t know why but she always finds solace in this guy even though he had walked out on them. Maybe its because when he was around, she was the daddy’s girl but now she has no clue where this man’s whereabouts are but she can never seem to dislike him despite of all his hideous deeds.

Sian knows her mother is her pillar. Olivia has gone through hustles and bustles to fend for her kids as a single parent and am guessing Sian knows, respects and appreciates it.But their relationship is unimaginable and I don’t think there’s much that can be done but both of them to try and live in peace. Sian is a 2o year old, still in her mama’s house. She may have to lower her ego, do what Olivia wants but as soon as she leaves,Sian may decide whether to keep in touch or not with her mother. That is my take, whats yours?



One thought on “COMMUNICATION, the best policy. I guess!

  1. Sian should communicate with her mother irregardless of whatever she said. People say nasty things when annoyed. So she should just tell her mother whatever she said was heartbreaking and she’ll definitely apologize and they’ll be cool with each other.

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