Sometimes the King is a Woman

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.” William Golding.

Personally, I totally agree with William Golding not only on the fact that I love his novels but these words are at some extent the bare truth. I am not being gender discriminative in fact I respect the male species.

Nowadays more and more women value independence than dependence and they are willing to take risks to stop at nothing so as to prosper. More women are climbing the corporate ladder on merit and using their outward appearances no more as a ticket. Now alot of young women are successful entrepreneurs hence have goals to be achieved. I think many women value success now unlike in the olden days where there could be a zero chance of such situations.

It has been stated that nowadays girls cheat more in school compared to boys not saying that girls are dumb or anything but hey! What am trying to say is, we are taking more risks to be successful unlike in the past. Even ‘sponsors’ or ‘sugar daddies’ know this, their girls will first want them to either pay for her college studies or open up a business for her since these girls identify with education and independence as core values. Thumbs up to women empowerment!

In addition, the POTUS Mr. Barrack Obama stated the significance of educating and empowering women during his visit in Kenya on July 2015. Angela Merkel, once said “I never underestimated myself and I never saw anything wrong with ambition.” It is due to this that back in 2014 the two countries that met in the World Cup Finals in Brazil are ran by women and so was the host during that time before the President’s suspension. All in all, it is this fiery ambition and willingness to stop at nothing that is exciting.

In my opinion, men have given out a lethargic display in making this world better, this could be because of more than 6000 years in superiority. Don’t you think its time we, women took over and gave it a shot!? You never know we might nail it because sometimes just Sometimes the KING IS A WOMAN!!

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