• ‘Europatriarchal Knowledge’ from the ‘Sensuous Knowledge’
    My current read is Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach by the renowned writer and feminist theorist, Minna Salami. In the book, particularly in the first chapter, Of Knowledge, she introduces the phrase “Europatriarchal Knowledge” as the rigid, rule-bound and robotic way that dominates how we view knowledge–“It is a hierarchy-fixated construct that was initiated by elite European men as propaganda to solidify their worldview on a large scale.” This knowledge has produced structures of white supremacy, imperialism, capitalism, neoliberalism and patriarchy. Salami explains that in this kind of knowledge […]
  • Can one be feminine and feminist?
    I recently read a blog post on the difference between feminism and divine femininity. The author’s opinion was that feminism is not a true representation of femininity and that it is a movement designed to steer hatred towards men. After reading that article, I got to thinking, “Can one be feminine and feminist?” The feminism that has garnered mainstream popularity, pushes the notion that feminists are all about establishing their own superior system. Contrary to this, feminism is about establishing a society that views every human equally — not gender […]
  • The issue of colourism in Kenya
    Colourism in Kenya is a widely ignored topic yet it is one of the most complex and sensitive issues that dark-skinned women have to deal with. But what is colourism? According to the Oxford dictionary, it is the prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Although we are in a predominantly black region, East Africans are obsessed with the idea that lighter skin is better, as displayed in billboards, music videos and every mainstream media platform. This […]
  • Pan African Feminism: ‘A Collective Movement’
    When most people hear the term pan-African, they almost immediately think of the likes of Kwame Nkrumah and Haile Selassie who spearheaded the need for unity of the African nations in a bid to gain independence from colonialism. Yet what is never mentioned are the African women who were central in the development of the movement — literature overlooked, underestimated, and ignored the role these women played. Modern day Pan Africanism is based on a whole new concept and approached in new and impactful ways. While the spirit of pan Africanism is anchored on […]